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It was a Revolutionary feat that defied science, and Jam was only twelve years old at the time. He quit fishing, went to Harvard Medical School, and became a Sturgeon. “Quack, Quack” Hitting the airwaves five times a day from the mobile studio of DUKW, Dr.

He has attempted to repeat this miracle on countless occasions to no avail. Fabulous will count down all the greatest hits of Boston’s storied past.

Filibuster will lead you along the campaign trail in the beautiful streets of Boston while pointing out the sites and quacking at potential voters along the way.

Now she goes in circles around the city instead of the rink while she waits for the Charles to freeze hard enough for skating “Harvey Heartbreak” is the youngest child of 18 brothers and sisters from South Boston, Massachusetts. I just wanted to plunder enemy ships in search of treasure to help finance the American Revolution. Betty needed some cheering up, and decided to hop on a Duck Tour.

A family with a love of history and hand me downs, Harvey got his start in distance running while having to outrun all of this older siblings. She realized she had a knack for history rather than spelling words and decided to stick around for a while!

Max Marshall Arch is a mixed up mixed martial artist. Jam Adams plays drums for a local band called “The Jam Adams Experience.” He is a descendant of Boston Revolutionary Sam Adams.

He has trained in Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Tieing a bow tie, Kickboxing, Boxing and Box kicking. Even though his lineage is important, he is best known for a performance at Brandeis in 1996 where he played a drum solo for a small audience that was both “heard” and “felt” using nothing but the power of brain waves.

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If you like to meander, you’re really in luck- Join Run A Muck on our colorful duck!

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