Can dating scans give wrong dates chris evans dating history

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Can dating scans give wrong dates

Herodotus claimed that elite, deceased Egyptians’ organs were removed from the left side of their abdomens, while commoners received cedar oil enemas to quickly remove the stomach and organs from the body.

Our understanding of Egyptian embalming and mummification comes largely from Herodotus and other Greek historians like Diodorus of Sicily, but Herodotus got a lot wrong.

Gathering research from his travels around Egypt, Africa, and Asia, Herodotus recorded his observations and interviews with locals in a thorough, consistent way.

Because he exaggerated and fabricated some parts of , though, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction and truth from bias.

In Book Three, Herodotus claimed that huge furry ants, the size of foxes, lived in Persia and spread golden particles of dust as they dug in the sandy ground.For example, he gives detailed descriptions of the three great pyramids yet fails to mention the Sphinx, a highly suspect omission.(If he actually saw the pyramids, then he definitely would have seen the Sphinx.) Additionally, Herodotus writes about embalming, describing the three methods ranging from most expensive to least expensive.Herodotus makes multiple references in Books Three and Four to one-eyed men (cyclopes, the plural of cyclops) called Arimaspoi.Claiming that these cyclopes steal gold from Grypes (griffins) in northern Europe, Herodotus is not merely relating a mythical story or poem about these creatures; he seems to seriously and sincerely believe that they exist.

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His theory is a little convoluted, involving winter storms that disrupt the usual course of the Sun, which dries out the streams in Libya that feed into the Nile.

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