Dating techniques in archaeology wiki

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Dating techniques in archaeology wiki

If in culture A an object produced by culture B is found, A must be contemporary with, or later than, B.

The term cross-dating ought strictly to be used only when an object of culture A is also found in proved association with culture B, when overlap of at least part of the time span of each is proved.

So in the absence of geochronology, two cultural groups can only be proved contemporary by the discovery of links between them.

He was the son of SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: index fossil concept; index species CATEGORY: artifact; technique DEFINITION: A fossil with widespread geographical range but which is restricted in time to a brief existence.

In archaeology, it is a theory that proposes that strata containing similar fossil assemblages will tend to be of similar age.

Items having an established date, such as dated coins or buildings, or ceramics of known manufacture are most often used.

By itself, a cross-dated chronology does not give absolute dates, but it may be calibrated by reference to other dating methods.

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Though he was unable to decipher the Minoans' three written scripts, his detailed study of them gave the necessary basis for later work, culminating in the reading of in 1952.