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Critics of Hillary Clinton, for example, have long seen her tolerance of her husband’s infidelities as a blot on her character, rather than as a sign that she prioritises their strengths together over his personal weaknesses.This is a problem, Perel explains, because we have never been more inclined to stray.

Recently she has taken her work further, into more controversial terrain.

“It just never occurred to us that this is something we could strive for,” he says.

“But why should everything we built be destroyed by a minor infidelity?

Her forthcoming book “The State of Affairs”, expected in late 2017, addresses the thorny matter of why people stray and how we should handle it when they do.

When Perel is not seeing clients in New York, she is travelling the world speaking to packed conferences and ideas festivals about the elusiveness of desire in otherwise contented relationships.

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