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Lugansk dating scammers

I once tried to have a Ukrainian friend in Kherson, Ukraine contact Marina. She wrote that she did not want to talk to a man from Kherson, did not see the necessity, etc. Undaunted, I made arrangments to visit Marina in the Ukraine.

We settled on Kiev and again she needed travel money, she wanted to bring her translator, she wanted separate accomodations, she wanted money to buy an outfit for our meeting and.... someone broke into her apartment and stole her winter coat and her two best pairs of shoes, now whats a girl to do!

One day Marina sent me an email saying she had to go from Lugansk to Kharkov for 5 days to pick up her diploma.

No warning just an e-mail that she would not answer my letters for a while. I only got a responce because I noticed a new advertisement by Marina on Absolute Agency A1357376.

There are a lot of "boiler plate" letters out there and most of them come from Lugansk.

Also I must state that just about all want correspondence money and eventually English lessons and the like.

Hooking up with Western Union was difficult that week.Western Union notified me immediately that Marinas account had received complaints in the past and that she was receiving money from other foreign men. Well, I kept going thinking there may be a reasonable explanation. I did not want to start an email argument at my financial expense. The letter was similar to the one I received except one or two sentences were changed.As for the full story I will make it short and I wont publish a lot of back and forth letters.... There was little or no personal interaction and they could of been written to anyone. Go figure, I still kept on and did not mention this letter.Four Hundred and fifty dollars is a lot of money for the yearly income of most Ukrainians.I have been to Ukraine and there is a Ukrainian price and there is a Foreign price on things (thats just how it is...).

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I sent a letter through this new advertisement and she finally responded to me.