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Updating this site

Mura differentiates between its "Core" files, and "Site" files.As you've already learned in the Update the Mura "Core" section, Mura offers a way to keep its "Core" up-to-date, with the click of a button.This tag should only be used in fully responsive or dedicated mobile websites.Replace any Flash sliders or slideshows with a static image.

Mobile Version for an objective viewpoint on the pros and cons of each update strategy.

In our tests, at the time of this writing, we found the Google Mobile Friendly tests to be very flexible toward older code and design.

Basically, Google just wants your website to be readable on mobile devices, so getting your text, menu buttons and linked images larger may be all your site requires.

At any point, once you think your mobile site is good enough, or contains enough info, you can optionally move the mobile site into the main hosting folder and make it your main website.

This way you can still add mobile compliance quickly and keep your current website undisturbed for desktop SEO.

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Responsive solutions are updates you can do on your current website to make the pages more mobile friendly without adding a mobile sub website.

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